3 steps to Streamlining your Day to Day Tasks

3 steps to Streamlining your Day to Day Tasks

Joy Valerie Carrera
Joy Valerie Carrera

You might feel extremely overwhelmed with all that you are doing and looking at other folks, maybe even me, thinking "how do they do it all?". Here is the secret it's about building a process. Even large companies I've worked with struggle with this and companies I've worked with thrive because we build a process (they call me process queen for nothing). Here are three easy steps that you can apply in your every day to build a process whether it's in your work life, side hustle, entrepreneurial ventures, or just every day you can apply this to all.

3 steps to Streamlining your Day to Day Tasks

1 - Write Down Everything

Yes, actually write it down! Like a pen and paper! Think of the task at hand that you need to accomplish. Now start breaking that task down into smaller tasks in order to complete it. This my friend, is the start of your process building. Think of every single task you need to accomplish in order to complete your every single goal as if you were explaining it to your parents who have NO idea what it is you are doing. Every minute little detail.

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2 - Improve Your Process

Okay Cool so you wrote it all down, now you're going to go through it a couple of times. Follow your subtasks, tweak what isn't working, add in steps you missed that you realize you need to complete it. Start simplifying the complicated subtasks that you probably don't need to do. or could turn 3 steps into just one.

3 - Audit your Task & work smarter

Okay now you've done step two a couple of times and you realize - everything actually gets pretty repetitive after a couple of times. This is where you go into the "work smarter not harder" phase and why we even built a process in the first place and wrote it down. Here we can decide are we going to automate or are we going to outsource.

We will start to look at which platforms are talking to each other how can I use technology so that I have to work LESS and use that time to think more high level and build. Your time is valuable, so maybe it's time to hire someone and outsource - take the work that is repetitive and find someone who's expertise is in that area to give you back your time!

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