5 books to start your social impact business

Joy Valerie Carrera
Joy Valerie Carrera

Most of us want to build and do good. Here are my book recommendations to start building from scratch, books that will inspire you to harness your purpose, life skills, and story to attract your community and build businesses that will build a better society.

1. Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Start here to truly understand WHY you want to build. Knowing WHY behind everything you do not just in business will keep you going.

2. Building Social Business by Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Prize winner and founder fo Grameen Bank discusses the how to's on starting microbusiness. He breaks down legal structure, business models, and how you actually can build social impact focuses business - businesses that are self sustainable bringing in a profit, pay fair wages, and actually impacting communities first and foremost.

3. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Eric Reis gives you the Silicon Valley hacks. How to build lean , as a first gen immigrant, woman of color, and Guatemalan this is my life. I know many people who have had little means do this naturally- now we have to understand the jargon and harness that to build and scale on a budget.

4. The Art of Getting Shit Done by Georgie Ann Getton- McKoy

Georgie is a hustler, teen mom, and serial entrepreneurs. she takes you through her journey through growing and over coming advertiste with the entrepreneur mindset instilled in her - which will have you hysterical laughing but also teach you valuable lessons , insights, and really understand how you can harness the "power of broke" but your own life journey to build.

5. Influencer by Brittany Hennessy

Brittany has managed campaigns for multi national corporations and tells the must does and don't to monetize your influence. Although it's written for influencers - it's ideal for business folk to understand in how they can work with influencers to build but also harness their personal brand to build a community & network that holds the same values online.

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