5 free resources to learn to code

5 free resources to learn to code

Joy Valerie Carrera
Joy Valerie Carrera

When I was in college adults told me I would learn most of what I would do at work on the job. I spent 50,000 on my education and recently I realized that they weren't wrong - most of what the skills I use day to day I learned way after I graduated, more, so I learned online for free. While I do think college and academia teach you theory and fundamentals - the internet is democratizing education. If you are comfortable learning on your own with a curiosity about how computers and how the internet works, I have a list of resources.

Maybe you won't decide to be a developer, I did not but understanding fundamentals of computer science and web development gave me an edge when it comes to business operations & strategy work in the tech industry. It allows me to create websites as a side hustle for small businesses, understand the best ways to use social media, create new tech products, and basically a triple threat in the tech industry.

Here are some of my favorite resources to start


This is bae of educational tools I used, it is where I learned HTML & CSS and made me realized "oh sh---, computer science is way easier than chemical engineering I studied in college why the eff did I think I was not smart enough for this". It is still my go-to when I need to brush up on skills, learn more data analysis languages, and the pro provides an easy to follow the road map. Currently, I am working on the Data Science track and they have an amazing program right now donating 5 scholarships to all those affected by the COVID pandemic for every pro membership you buy. Check them out here.

Free Code Camp

I found out about this years ago at code newbies meet up and opened my eyes to the possibilities. It is 100% free and runs off of volunteer donations. You can even get a certificate and apply your skills working with nonprofits on projects they need help with. They're constantly adding new tracks and recently added SQL, which I am 100% taking advantage of. Start here.

MasterMnd Free Bootcamps

The folks over at MasterMnd are bringing you a free boot camp streamed over Twitch for the next 8 weeks. Sign up and watch from home. They have multiple tracks covering Software Engineering, AWS, and Dev Ops. All you need is an amazon prime account if you qualify for Medicaid/ EBT you can get a discounted membership ( Claim your discount here) and tune in live.  You can find more about the courses here. Thank you to Pennywise Traveler for making this.


If you need extra support I don't normally vouch for boot camps because they tend not to give you the specific attention you deserve and support to get a job afterward. In LA founders Liliana Monge and Gregorio Rojas created Sabio LA to solve that problem and increase representation in the industry. Sabio LA offers a Free pre-work course to test out your self-taught skills and be prepared to dive into their hands-on courses working with startups and solving real-world problems to have you job-ready when you graduate. Check out the free course here. If you decided to join the program they have flexible plans that ensure you don't pay unless you get that job.

Learn to Code with me

Last but not least there is true power in finding a community as you embark on your learning to code journey and one of my favorites when I was learning is Learn to Code with Me with self-taught programmer turned entrepreneur Laurence Bradford. She also hosts a podcast bringing on folks to share their journey and resources. Her community is a great resource to start these are only some of the places that I have used in this post but Learn to Code with me has created a full guide of 76 places to learn for free.

While you're at it check out the episode I did with Lawrence a while back.

So now, no excuses you have the resources now it's just time to start! One step at a time to build your career.

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