Opening September 13th a 5 Week

Digital Builder Boot Camp for you!

Builders who are looking to leverage Digital Media & Technology to build Business and Initiatives that make an Impact but also Make a Profit.

For almost the last 8 years I have helped websites, networks, and companies generate millions of dollars through their digital businesses leading Digital Operations at and consulting with social impact clients . Prior to that I worked in Social Impact at Grameen America and Americans for Immigrant Justice. My mission since starting my own business almost 3 years ago has been to bridge my love for technology and business operations to work with content creators and builders who are working in their communities to make a difference.

So, I am launching the Digital Builder Boot Camp version one (name pending) to share the skills that have helped corporations generate thousands of dollars monthly with just a laptop and computer to help you launch and build a sustainable business that will jumpstart you to achieve all your goals.

During this 5 week intensive we will work together in our group to develop your concept, build your initial product to keep funding your business in the long run.

WK 1: Let’s Build and Launch

Planning out your Goals and building your own Minimum Viable Product, basically where do you even start and how do we approach it so that we are actually building something that we can grow later on and be sustainable.

WK 2: How do we fund it?

This week we will talk $$$, pricing, sales funnels, and resources to ensure that we are creating a sustainable business that not only is profiting but achieving our social good goals as well.

WK 3: Content Creation & Production on a budget 101

We will talk about building content that tells our story, that highlights the things we think are flaws as strengths to create an authentic brand, mission, but narrative that will bring value to folks who follow our journey and convert to move clients, sales, and supportive member of your community.

WK 4: Community Building: Reaching the Right People Online

We will talk about where you find and reach the right people that align with your goals and will support you leveraging the power of the internet. We will focus and discuss organic methods to attract and repel the people that we need to build out community around and ensure that we continue to not only grow in numbers but in our network.

WK 5: MONETIZING your Influence for GOOD

How to make money, we have built up to this where we will talk more on how we can ensure that are getting paid what we deserve, how we can continuously increase your income through your content + products as well as you can give back. Most importantly how do we ensure that our business is not only profitable but also equitable – that we are able to take care of ourselves and become job creators.

To ensure that we are building we will keep this group small and limited to folks who are serious and willing to invest in themselves and dedicated the time to achieving their goals. Please book a call with me to chat and see if this is a fit.