About me

About me


I’m a Digital Operations & Business Intelligence Strategist.  TLDR ; I’m your new nerdy friend that loves systems, data, productivity apps – and making $$$

My passion is working with Social Impact Entrepreneurs, Educational Content Creators, & Community Builders.

I’m here to show you that Technology isn’t scary but a transformational tool to Work Less & Profit More!

WORK LESS? Yes, I’ve been to 26 countries + helped build 4 startups all before 30 & Yes, I said PROFIT & IMPACT , because more money means more IMPACT


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Build with Joy
I’m sharing my journey helping social impact entrepreneurs & founders build better systems turning dreams into action to create a more equitable society. Every Wednesday grab your cafecito & check your inbox for resources to build sent from the NY woods.

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Build with Joy Application - Joy Valerie Carrera
Congrats you’ve taken the leap and started a business !!!! But the truth is you probably find yourself with more questions than answers and constantly working with out feeling like you’re getting anything done 😔You feel like you’re constantly putting out fires and your business has taken control of

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Build With Joy
I’m a 29-year-old Guatemalan American RIT Grad who has been working in startups and Adtech for the last 7 years. In that time I’ve built logistics and strategy that allowed media companies to monetize their online content and maximize profits. I expanded companies into Poland, Switzerland, India, NY…

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Build with Joy
Business systems, digital media & tech Hacksfor social impact businesses
Joy Valerie Carrera
Go from dream to building and executing leveraging tech . Each video we will break down technology, media, and business to how we can build impact-driven initiatives.