How to Buy a Website Domain

How to Buy a Website Domain

Joy Valerie Carrera
Joy Valerie Carrera

In this how-to, you will learn how to buy a website domain in 10 easy steps. A domain is the easiest way for people to find you, it is your little piece of the internet that you can showcase who you are, your business, or build something really cool others can use.

Here is more about what a domain is but here we are going to go over how to BUY a web domain in a couple of super simple steps using namecheap.

I like Namecheap because unlike other sites it provides FREE privacy protection. Many other sites ie: go-daddy, will make you pay extra monthly or annually to get a website. (not cool). Name cheap includes it and finds you the lowest price across many different top-level domains (read more about what that is here )

  1. Decide what domain you want. You cannot change this later
  2. Go to (here)
  3. Do a Domain Name Search and see if it's available.
  4. Add to your cart to buy
  5. Change to 3 years to avoid fee's increasing
  6. You do not need to add anything else
  7. No need to add SSL, we will do this via AWS
  8. Check off WHOIS to secure privacy
  9. Add any PROMO codes you might have
  10. Check out using your credit card or PayPal
  11. Do a happy dance you are now a proud domain owner !

Here is a super quick simple tutorial

Here I am buying a website to set up my parent's retreat center to set up later on but ensure no one else has that domain now.

Disclaimer: If you decide to go with Namecheap click through here - I get a small commission to keep this blog going and bringing more everyday tech how-tos and videos.

Buy a Domain with NameCheap

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