How do you to start your side hustle on a budget? Here are 5 hours worth of lessons from 5 Latina Entrepreneurs

How do you to start your side hustle on a budget? Here are 5 hours worth of lessons from 5 Latina Entrepreneurs

Joy Valerie Carrera
Joy Valerie Carrera

Now is the perfect time to start that side hustle. Yes, we are going through a global pandemic, and yes if you need time for yourself and to cope go ahead.  However if you've learned one thing is to not put all your eggs in one basket. You might ask why the fuck are you putting eggs in baskets Joy? Okay you know what I mean, don't depend on one stream of income - a 9-5 for all your money.  One virus, a microscopic enemy, managed to halt the world economy and now over 40 million americans and counting are unemployed. Many of whom are black and brown, as a latina this hits home.

However, we are the OG's when it comes to side-hustles that's how we've been surviving. Now there are so many technologies and the power of the internet to find the people that want what you have to offer and need the lessons you are sharing.

So when Jannesse of YoQuieroDinero Podcast and Blogger at Delish D'lites asked me to be part of her summit I was like - LET'S DO IT!  And she did! we had over 500 folks register to take part in the summit and learn. I since have gotten countless of messages from women feeling more confident to start.

That my friend, was the goal all along. If you missed it not to worry we have the full conference on Youtube and you can watch along below.


Session 1: How to Start a Blog that actually Makes Money

Taught by Janesse Torres- Rodriguez of Delish D'lites

Session 2: How to Start a Side Hustle for less than $100

Taught by Liz Enriquez of Ambitious Adulting

Session 3: How to TikTok your Way to Your Audience's heart

Taught by Delyanne Barros of Master My Fire

Session 4: Make Money Anywhere

Taught Vanessa Menchaca of Wander Onwards

Session 5: Creating your Digital Empire

Taught by me, Joy Valerie CEO of Carrera Digital Solutions LLC and blogger, podcaster, and all-around techy nerd builder.

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